Contact of Mercer County Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline | CONTACT of Mercer offers Lifeline from Crisis
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CONTACT of Mercer offers Lifeline from Crisis

By L.A. PARKER @laparker6 on Twitter

Many of us can relate to the human condition of crisis.

Been there, done that or witnessed a friend, relative or neighbor in the midst of challenging situations or circumstances.

During such stressful times, having someone to talk to can make a significant impact on getting through difficult straits.

CONTACT exists as a resource where Mercer County residents can call or chat if they are in crisis. Whether it be a need for social services, suicide prevention, concern about COVID, loss of a job, family problems, etc.

CONTACT of Mercer missions to provide emotional support to people in crisis or distress which increases their sense of well-being and their desire to live.

When you call or chat CONTACT, you are free to talk about what’s causing you to feel distressed or upset.

Volunteers listen without judgment, and help callers feel cared about and safe. All are welcome to use CONTACT’s services without regard to personal identity, status or situation. CONTACT does not discriminate.

Volunteers help clients explore their feelings and offer comfort, referrals, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention support, with a focus on your personal safety. CONTACT is a safe place to talk, chat, or text about what’s troubling you.

The services a person receives, whether over the phone or online, remain anonymous, confidential, and free. They are person to person, one person at a time with the focus on helping individuals.

Personally, celebrate the non-judgment aspect as individuals frequently allow negative self-talk to override the reality of being human and making human mistakes.

While the arrival of COVID-19 delivers myriad emotional, psychological, mental, financial and social issues, CONTACT owns a 44-year history of successful and kind outreach.

Each year, CONTACT typically hosts a gala event to raise money. With COVID-19 concerns numerous, nonprofit officials had to cancel the “typical” gala and replace it with the first of its kind, “Virtual Gala.”

This year’s event occurs on Friday, November 13 from 7.30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. as CONTACT hopes to raise $30,000, monies that will continue valuable support for community members.

Sure, money is tight for many although amazingly, many Mercer County nonprofits note residents have responded with financial donations.

A CONTACT statement acknowledges being “in the midst of an unforgettable and difficult time for our State, our Nation and our local Mercer County Community. With so much uncertainty about personal safety and health as well as the economic impact of Covid-19, hope for the future can be fleeting and distressing. For some, the build-up of anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness and isolation can result in suicidal crisis.”

“Unsung Heroes” highlight the November gala. CONTACT encourages residents nominate those who have performed admirably during the pandemic crisis. Make nominations by Oct. 16.

For more information, please contact (609) 737-2000 or

In need of support? Call to speak with a highly trained, compassionate listener 8am – 10pm/7 days a week (When volunteers are present.) (609) 896-2120 or (609) 585-2244.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline access anytime, day or night. 1 (800) 273-TALK (8255) Lifeline Crisis Chat and