Contact of Mercer County Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline | New Jersey Has a Mental Health Crisis
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New Jersey Has a Mental Health Crisis

NJ 101.5 popular morning radio host Bill Spadea welcomed CONTACT of Mercer County Executive Director Eleanor Letcher onto his weekly podcast which is featured on the website.

Eleanor discussed the increase in CONTACT’S chat and phone activity due in part to COVID-19, fears that clients have of the virus, isolation they may be facing, and how CONTACT is fulfilling such a critical need by listening to them.

Below is partial text from the online story that features the podcast as written by Bill Spadea:

Despite the facts, New Jersey continues to keep healthy people isolated and kids remote. The mental health damage has led to a rise in substance abuse, anxiety, depression and yes, suicides.

One organization addressing the crisis is Contact of Mercer based in Pennington. Executive Director Eleanor Letcher joined me on the latest episode of my #SpeakingPodcast to ask for volunteers and to explain how people in need can get help.