Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline | September Zoom Training
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Become a HOTLINE Volunteer and learn Active Listening Skills.


Help others while helping yourself…

Volunteering can help you:

Become a better listener to family and friends

Increase your self-confidence

Learn how to be a compassionate listener

Become a part of a community

Bring a sense of purpose to your life

Check Back for More Dates for ZOOM Training Courses as They Become Available

We’re also recruiting volunteers and “clients” for our free Telephone REASSURANCE Program:

Another FREE Program Where Volunteers Are Needed: Telephone REASSURANCE, funded in part by the Older Americanā€™s Act and sponsored by the Mercer County Office on Aging.


Give or receive a short daily call to check on safety and wellness. Combat Loneliness and talk to the same dedicated volunteer each day. For more information, call Susan at (609) 462-7668 or Elouise at (609) 947-1376. Thank you!