CONTACT of Mercer County, NJ offers easy-to-access compassionate support for people experiencing any type of mental health crisis including thoughts of suicide, mental health and substance use crises, or any emotional distress for either themselves or their loved ones.

A Team & Organization Committed to Excellence in Crisis Response

We are your Neighbors and your Support

CONTACT offers skilled, compassionate, hope-filled support to individuals and families in crisis. Free, Confidential Support 24/7 by Phone, Text, or Chat.

How CONTACT has supported our community

For almost 50 years, CONTACT has assisted local residents experiencing crisis or contemplating suicide. While CONTACT is made up of professionally trained volunteers, we can’t do it alone. Please consider supporting CONTACT financially, so we can continue to help those in need of a critical service.

By the Numbers in 2022, Suicides in the United States were:

• Attempted by more than 1.2 million people

• the Second leading cause of death for youth

• the Tenth leading cause of death for adults

Through its Volunteers in 2022, CONTACT of Mercer County has:

• Answered nearly 2,100 calls for people in suicidal crisis

• Responded to more than 2,300 Lifeline Crisis Chats

• Initiated almost 13,000 wellness calls to seniors living alone through CONTACT’s Reassurance Program

CONTACT accomplishes a great deal. However, we need your help to continue to provide valuable resources to our community. DONATE

CONTACT of Mercer County, NJ, provides Emotional Support and Crisis and Suicide Prevention Services free of charge to anyone who calls/chats/texts. We also provide a free outreach service for senior citizens who live alone. Anyone 60 and older who lives in Mercer County can sign up for free daily phone calls from CONTACT.

CONTACT’S MISSION STATEMENT: To listen and provide non-judgmental, emotional support, strength, and compassion to people contemplating suicide or in crisis and empower them as they seek to develop a strong sense of well-being and desire to live.

CONTACT’S VISION STATEMENT: To educate all residents of the greater Mercer County region that CONTACT’S trained Volunteers and Staff provide emotional support for residents who may be considering suicide or experiencing a crisis, that we are listening and that we care.

Training Courses for Volunteers and Staff: CONTACT provides extensive training courses on Active Listening and Mental Health Topics as well as ASIST training (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and Mental Health First Aid training. Click here to learn more and register.